Coronavirus (COVID-19) Antibody Test


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Antibody Test


  • There is a limit of one test per person for this product. The name and date of birth on the account must be correct and match the details you provide on your returned sample. If you order more than one on a single account,  we will simply refund the additional purchases. Should your friends and family wish to order this test from us, they will need to set up a separate account in their name with their date of birth and place the order directly with us. We cannot process results for an individual who does not have an account on our site.
  • You must be aged 18 or over to perform this test
  • To be performed 20 days after your first symtoms. 
  • For corporate orders, please email [email protected] 




CE marked laboratory test to detect IgG antibodies in your blood.  You must take your sample at least 20 days after your first symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19) or you will need to confirm a negative result after 20 days.


The antibody test uses In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) Medical Devices. We have selected Eurofins County Pathology, one of the UK’s best private pathology laboratories to ensure the quality of your results.


Blood Tests Direct specialises in home blood test kits meaning we are already setup to provide a quick, efficient, and professional service for this test. 





The manufacturer states in its validation study the test detected antibodies in 100% of confirmed coronavirus cases when the sample was taken at least 14 days after symptoms first developed. The test produced a negative result in 99.6% of samples from people who did not have the infection in the same study.  This study was conducted on venous blood samples (sample taken from a vein in the arm).   


Our laboratory has conducted its own validation using a combination of venous and finger-prick blood samples. In their study, the test had a sensitivity of 98.5%. This means that if 1,000 people who had previously been infected with coronavirus virus took the test, 15 of them would be told that they hadn’t had coronavirus when they had (a false negative result). It had a specificity of 99.5%. This means that if 1,000 people who hadn’t had the virus took the test, 5 of them would be told they had been infected when they hadn’t (a false positive result). The test has not yet been evaluated on people who are infected with other viruses in the coronavirus family, so it is not yet known whether these could cause a false positive result. 


This test may not accurately detect antibodies in people who have compromised immune systems. This is because their antibody response may be slower or weakened. These people may have immunodeficiency diseases, infections such as HIV, or be taking medications that suppress the immune system. This may affect the reported results.



To our NHS teams and Blue Light Card holders...


At the Blood Test Company, our mission has always been to provide our customers with an easy way to accurately track your physical health and how this changes, helping you to make informed lifestyle choices.  With NHS teams and Blue Light Card holders working harder than ever right now, we want to show our gratitude by offering you 20% off the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Antibody Test.


To redeem, simply place order via our website in the usual way.  One you have received your confirmation order, please reply with a picture of your NHS ID or alternatively send us an email from your NHS email account as proof and we will action your 20% refund.  


The Blood Test Company is extremely proud to have such dedicated NHS and emergency services to turn to in such challenging times.  





How does a coronavirus antibody home test kit work?


Step 1:  Set up an account with us and place your order for a coronavirus antibody home test kit.


Step 2:  We will post your home test kit to you. We expect a high demand for this test, so please be patient. You will receive a "shipped" email once this has been completed. 


Step 3:  Perform your finger-prick antibody test at home, making sure you have used our disinfectant wipes prior to and after taking your sample.  We always include an instruction leaflet to help you perform the test but please also see our ‘How to do your test’ section of the website. 


Step 4: Send your sample back to us as soon as possible after performing your finger-prick test.  You must post your sample in a Royal Mail Priority Post Box.


Step 5:  When your blood sample arrives at our accredited laboratory (Eurofins County Pathology), they process it without delay and aim to turn around the results within 2 days. 


Step 6:  When the results are ready, your results will be interpreted by our Doctor at no extra cost.  


Step 7:  We will send you an email containing your results and Doctors comments in an easy to read format 


What is an antibody test? 


An antibody test detects whether you have had coronavirus (COVID-19) before and have subsequently recovered.  The test is carried out by using a device that pricks your finger for blood. The blood can then be processed in the lab to establish whether you have already beaten Coronavirus (COVID-19) and gained some immunity to it.  


If I take the antibody test within less than 20 days of my symptoms starting, will the antibody test still work?  


You must take your sample at least 20 days after you first experience coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms to ensure the test is as accurate as possible. 


Can I order an antibody test for a child?  


No, our tests are available to all adults in the UK. We are unable to process tests for anyone under the age of 18.  


Will I be able to obtain a Coronavirus (COVID-19) immunity certificate if my test is positive?  


We are still waiting for the UK government to provide guidance on whether immunity certificates will be used and, if so, which tests will apply.  We will update this as and when we have further information from the UK government on this point. 




Steps you can take to protect yourself and prevent the spread of COVID-19


    •    Keep up to date of the latest information regarding the COVID-19 outbreak (useful sources below) 

    •    Follow the advice on the NHS website on ‘How to stop infection spreading’ 

    •    Complete the NHS coronavirus status tracker here.  This survey will help the NHS understand more about how and where coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting people currently. 


*We are asking for this as the antibody test will be more accurate if sent back to us as soon as possible after you take your blood sample.  Sometimes postal delays happen and if your sample has been delayed too long then the laboratory will let us know.  We will then send you a replacement kit free of charge.  


Useful sources of information 


    •    NHS - Advice for everyone Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    •    GOV.UK Coronavirus (COVID-19): what you need to do

    •    GOV.UK Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can’t do

    •    World Health Organization Q&A on coronaviruses (COVID-19)



Age and account information


Our tests are available to all adults in the UK and we are unable to process tests for anyone under the age of 18.  


Once you have created an account with us, your orders and test results will be linked to your account.  If your friends and family want to order a finger-prick blood test from us, they will need to set up their own account and place the order directly with us.  


If you have any questions about whether you are eligible to place an order for a finger-prick blood test with us, please get in touch at [email protected].