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A test for oestrogen, progesterone and FSH levels in women who are taking hormone replacement therapy and wish to know whether the optimum balance of hormones is being achieved.

This test includes (expand individual tests for details):




Follicle Stimulating Hormone is produced in the pituitary gland and is important for women in the production of eggs by the ovaries and for men in the production of sperm.

Oestradiol (E2)

Oestradiol (E2) is produced in women mainly in the ovary. It is responsible for the female reproductive system as well as the growth of breast tissue and bone thickness. Normal levels of oestradiol provide for proper ovulation, conception, and pregnancy, in addition to promoting healthy bone structure and regulating cholesterol levels in females. In men, the testes, adrenal glands and fat tissue are the principal source of oestrogens. Oestradiol can be raised in men due to excess fat (which produces oestradiol) or in relation to testosterone levels which have declined with age. Raised oestradiol in men can cause the growth of breast tissue, the loss of libido and infertility.


This test measures the amount of the hormone progesterone in a blood sample. Progesterone is a female hormone produced by the ovaries during release of a mature egg during ovulation. It helps prepare the lining of the uterus (endometrium) to receive the egg if it becomes fertilised. If the egg is not fertilised, progesterone levels drop and menstrual bleeding begins. Progesterone levels are often measured to assess whether ovulation is occurring or to diagnose the cause of abnormal bleeding.