Alzheimer's Treatment

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Researchers have identified a novel approach to reversing the symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease. It involves a comprehensive health check, including blood tests, to identify deficiencies that can be corrected.

An interesting study of a total of 10 patients with memory loss associated with either AD, mild cognitive impairment, or subjective cognitive impairment were recruited. Each participant was instructed to follow a personalized intervention program tailored to address specific metabolic deficits identified on laboratory testing as affecting the plasticity of the participant's brain, causing memory loss. Nine of the 10 patients displayed subjective or objective improvement in cognition within 3 to 6 months of initiation of treatment. The single patient who failed to respond to the intervention had late-stage AD. Six participants had discontinued working or were struggling with their jobs at study outset because of memory problems. "All were able to return to work or continue working with improvement performance, and improvements have been sustained," said Dr Bredesen. At the present time, one patient has been followed for 2.5 years from the initial presentation, and the patient continues to show "sustained and marked improvement." Dr Bredesen professor of neurology and director, Mary S. Easton Center for Alzheimer's Disease Research, University of California, Los Angeles, noted that the level of improved function required to work effectively is an important outcome of any successful therapeutic intervention. The original paper can be read here:


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