About Us

Our Leading Doctor:  Dr Simon Crawley.


Dr Crawley believes that people need to be in control of their own health-care and well-being and to this end he has worked closely with the private diagnostic sector to set up a high quality and comprehensive blood testing service that provides health monitoring and diagnostic tests at an affordable price. Clients can monitor their blood tests and Dr Crawley will guide them through the process of interpreting the results. Dr Crawley cannot replace your GP and he encourages his clients to share any results with their GP but he will only contact your GP with your consent.

Dr Simon Crawley is a private GP based in Surrey.  He has been practising privately for 10 years.  Dr Crawley trained in medicine at St George’s Hospital, London, one of the largest and most diverse teaching hospitals in the UK. He qualified in 1997. After completing several posts in various medical fields, he specialised for four years in Obstetrics and Gynaecology; this culminated in a two year Obstetrics and Gynaecology post at St George’s Hospital. After completing several registrar posts, he changed career path to General Practitioner.
He then decided to leave the hospital environment and focus on medical practices; he spent the following five years in various GP surgeries before deciding to set up his own practice in family medicine. Dr Crawley believes in the older style GP service, where traditional values are paramount, where people are afforded time with the doctor of their choosing; someone who can get to know them and their family circumstances and problems and who can provide solutions to their troubles and concerns.